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We built our reputation and business becoming the agency that can help define your brand identity and marketing strategy, and execute it where your customers exist.

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We combine analysis and business strategy with creative design and development to define brands in new and innovative ways.

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  • Go toe to toe with the best in your industry.
  • Excite, delight and engage your customers
  • Drive new customers and increase sales.

Steve Haug

Behind the wheel of the industry leading AXXISDESIGN platform is Steve Haug. Steve is a veteran network engineer based in San Francisco with over 15 years experience. Steve has developed the ability to change the financial future of small businesses by helping them get noticed online with expert level search-engine optimization techniques.

His passion for data and small business led him to create a method that increases a company’s online presence through backend research and rigorous data analysis. This means more traffic, and more sales: at rates up to 50% higher than before. In the vast digital landscapes of the web, finding the right clients can be challenging. Steve’s expertise leads them to you.

Owner Name

This is my son, and partner, Mike Van Zandbergen. Mike joined Axxis Design Group In 2014.

Mike is a huge part of making what I dream up happen. He figures out the ‘how’ of “how are we going to do that?,” and he’s not afraid of any challenge I throw his way!

Mike is a huge asset to our customer service, as well. Our clients love to work with him. He spends a lot of time training clients on how to use their websites, and he knows how to explain things in terms they can understand. 

I hope you get the chance to talk to or meet Mike, and you’ll know why I feel so lucky to have him as a partner.

Our Value-Based Mission

As professional digital marketers, our core values align directly with standard marketing practices, which means we consistently research the industry’s performance to provide you with professional services that go above and beyond our competitors for the most effective strategies that get you results.

Whether your goal is finding the best keywords for your Google Ads to increase sales, implementing strong SEO optimization, so you appear in top organic listings to help increase your traffic, or you want to build a stronger social media presence, our mission is to employ the best marketing tactics known to ensure just that.

We also make it a point to track your campaign once it is in place, using various marketing tools, to ensure it continues to perform according to your goals of maximizing your revenue and increasing your bottom line.

It is also our mission to provide our services at competitive rates, which helps ensure they are affordable to mid and small size businesses who may have the need for professional digital marketing services but not necessarily the budget.

Our services can also be customized to meet the specific requirements of each business, so you only pay for what you need.

Our Value-Based Team

Of course, our services are only as strong as our team, and that is why, as part our value-based mission, we not only make it a point to ensure our team possesses the proper skills for what they do but that they also have the enthusiasm and passion to match, which is then passed onto you via above-average services and friendly interactions because we understand how frustrating it can be getting others to see your vision eye to eye without the patience and eagerness to want to.

We also make it a point to foster team togetherness in the workplace. In fact, as an organization yourself, you understand the value of working together to achieve a goal, whether it’s meeting your client’s goals or improving your own internal processes; otherwise, your efforts will fall short.

As a matter of fact, we view each of our team members as a contributor in both our company’s, as well as our client’s success, which is why encourage their input and opinions when implementing any plan.

Hopefully our values and mission align with what you are seeking in a digital marketing company, if so, feel free to contact us.

We’ve served a lot of customers in a lot of different industries over the years.

We love meeting new clients, learning about what they do, and helping to give them a presence they are proud to share with their own customers.

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